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~Your first view of the 77 acres~

Landing in the Ozarks underground shelter

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The Oz Landers Mission:

To provide a Safe Haven Community with an Underground Shelter
in the Arkansas safe zone for like-minded Christians to join together to be safe
 from events that are on the horizon, and to establish a remnant community
to live in and prosper, when society as we know it collapses.




The Bunker


Bunker built into hillside

Bunker hidden in hillside


In any safe-haven community an underground bunker is essential for your familiesí safety.


In the above picture, Yes, you are looking at the Bunker, hidden in the side of this hill on top of cleared area at about 1200í elevation. Itís not complete, but it is a 60í X 35í solid reinforced poured concrete structure 15í deep, backfilled on 3 sides just waiting to be completed.

See the Videos shown in the inside of the BUNKER SECTION. It needs to be cleaned up and a roof put on, but itís as solid as a rock and a real bonus to have on the land. The savings, in dollars, not to have to build this part is enormous and completion will take a much shorter time.

Join our Community, help us complete this Bunker, and you will secure you and your families future in a like-minded Christian Community.

Donít wait, contact us today!





The land


Strting point of road to the proposed Oz Landers property`

Roadway into the 75+ acres


Nestled deep in the Ozarks at an elevation of 1200', the land is ideally situated to become the solution for providing you and your family a Safe-Haven from upcoming events.


It is 75+ acres with water and electric, wooded with cleared bottom land for gardens and pastures, fenced, with cleared areas at the higher elevations, secluded from the road.   It is ideally set up to develop into a Remnant Community in the future.

Close by a State Forest, away from any large cities or suburban areas, but, yet close enough to smaller Villages for groceries and supplies, makes this land an ideal candidate for setting up a Micro-Community of like-minded Christians to survive and prosper in any situation this world can throw at us.

Help us develop this land as a Bug-out location so you will have the peace of mind that you have prepared and protected you and your family from the upcoming disasters.

Become one of the Land Owners of this property with all the benefits this has to offer. CONTACT US immediately as time is running out!







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